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Quoted Statements & What They Mean

Note also the footnote number 56 on page 135 (same book)

Jehovah's Witnesses acted differently from all the other religions in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide because their history in that country was completely different. Listen to the 11 part series on how they grew from 2 in 1970 to 2,000 in 1994 and now number more than 20,000 today.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

Download the 2012 Yearbook then go to page 164 to follow along with the reading.

Quoted Statements from Secular Sources:

It was the Christian tradition that produced atheism as its fruit; it led to the murder of God in the consciences of men because it presented them with an unbelievable God.

Above Quoted Statement taken from: Paul Valadier

This statement is concise and accurate. Tradition hijacked the Christian faith and imposed on us myths about God and the promised afterlife, thus presenting the people "with an unbelievable God".

Traditional Christianity tells us about a Triune God who gives everlasting life to all as a blessing (heaven) and a curse (hell).

The fundamental message that all 40,000 traditional Christian denominations preach is: If you want to be "saved" from a burning hell you must confess Jesus as his own Father who died on the cross and raised himself up.

Accept this traditional notion and, upon your physical death, your immortal soul will zoom off to eternal bliss in the presence of "the Lord"; reject it, however, and your soul will immediately be transferred to a place of continual conscious existence in excruciating agony.

The "consciences of men", that Paul Valadier described, cannot possibly conceive of such a God who would give life without end for the sole purpose of torment, so they murdered this mythical Being and embraced atheism. After all, what kind of person deliberately inflicts pain and suffering upon living creatures - man or beast? A person capable of this type of action is called inhuman or inhumane, he denies the very essence of his being. Virtually every nation on earth has condemned torture as a violation of inalienable human rights, yet, Are we obligated to worship a God who would torment for all eternity everyone who had failed to say a few "magic words" in his heart (I accept the Lord as my personal Savior)? I ask you: Is such a God believable?

For this, Christian tradition must be held accountable: 'It produced atheism as its fruit that led to the murder of God because it has misrepresented Him'. A better option than atheism, however, is available. We have a God that Psalms 31:5 mentions by name: It is "Jehovah, the God of truth."

“One of the earliest causes of the corruption of Christianity was the attempt to translate the Christian kingdom of God into a visible monarchy in which the saints inherited the earth in a literal way.”

Above Quoted Statement taken from: The Encyclopaedia Britannica

“Christian theology has become so fused with Greek philosophy that it has reared individuals who are a mixture of nine parts Greek thought to one part Christian thought.”

Above Quoted Statement taken from: Death Shall Have No Dominion by Professor Douglas T. Holden

Quoted Statements from Christian Sources:

(The three asterisks before and after a citation refers to the Christian publication the quote is taken from. Primitive Christians are familiar with these codes and can look them up in their personal libraries. If you are not a Primitive Christian and want to know the reference of a particular Primitive Christian publication, send me an email and I will gladly provide it to you.)

*** w79 4/1 p. 32 A Big Change ***
A Big Change
Can just one copy of a Christian journal really affect the course of a man’s life? The following experience from Spain indicates that it can.
Serious-faced Roberto usually sat alone when riding a train, but on one occasion he took a seat beside an elderly man, who asked: “Do you like to read?” The reply was affirmative, and so Roberto was given a copy of The Watchtower. Though the white-haired gentleman left the train, Roberto kept reading until he had finished the entire magazine. On reaching the end of the railway line, he stood on the platform asking himself: “Where are you going? Don’t you see that now you can’t do what you were going to do?”
Beset by unemployment, huge debts and disillusionment, that morning desperate Roberto had boarded the train to the provincial capital intent on killing the business partner who had cheated him out of his life’s savings. Then Roberto planned to return home, take the lives of his wife and children and finally commit suicide. But now he took the next train home, contacted a Witness neighbor, and asked for a Bible study.
After searching for many months, a new Roberto located the witness of Jehovah who had given him that magazine on the train, finally spying him in the crowd at a Christian assembly. Think of that elderly man’s joy when he learned that Roberto and his whole family were studying the Bible, attending meetings of God’s people and would soon be baptized! Yes, one magazine had brought about a big change.



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Jehovah is the only true God and Jesus is his only begotten Son. In Nazi Germany and during the Rwandan Genocide, Only Jehovah's Witnesses were different.